Monday, January 30, 2012

Anthony's Rocks

I have about two months left to finish LOVE ANTHONY.  Two months of writing, and then I need to edit, edit, edit, make sure the story WORKS, make sure I've told the truth.  Please, God, let the story work.  Please, when it's done, let the story leave the reader with resonance, thinking, stunned, wowed.

But I have A LOT left to write before it's done, and I'm scared.  How do I get there from here?  Lisa, you know the answer to this--word by word.  See what's in front of you and keep going.  Today you are writing about Anthony's rocks, and THAT IS ALL.  Don't get ahead of yourself.  Yes, the end is near, but you can't see it yet.  You can't skip over this part and be done.  You have to write every word before you get to write THE END.

How great is that going to feel?  I remember exactly how I felt when I declared the first drafts of STILL ALICE and LEFT NEGLECTED done.  Euphoric.  Like giving birth.  Unburdened.  Like I could finally exhale.

It's not long now.  Two more months.  You're almost there.  Write about Anthony's rocks.  His pebbles.  His beach stones.  That's all.  Today is not THE END.  So stop thinking about that and write.

Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 Year in Review

I realize we're well into 2012 now, and I'm a bit late with this.  I was late sending out my Christmas cards this year, too.  If you keep reading, you'll understand and forgive me.

I traveled A LOT in 2011, mostly for Left Neglected but also for Still Alice.  It was an amazing year and a real privilege to get to meet and connect with so many people from all over the world.  But it was also quite challenging, talking to readers in Australia about Left Neglect or talking about Alzheimer's in Saskatoon when I was also supposed to be writing my next book about autism.  And while I always at first reveled in the break from changing diapers, managing tantrums, and being my oldest's chauffeur, by the second day away, I was usually missing them all so much that I could (and sometimes did) cry.  Note: If you come to my book event with your baby, please don't be alarmed if I ask you if I can hold him/her.

Here's where I went in 2011:

New York, NY
Framingham, MA
Boston, MA
Pawley's Island, SC
Isle of Palms, SC
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Concord, NH
Toronto, Canada
Duxbury, MA
Washington, D.C.
Madison, CT
Long Island, NY
Sandwich, MA
Savannah, GA
Vero Beach, FL
Toronto, Canada (yes, again)
Denver, CO
Tucson, AZ
Hyannis, MA
Danvers, MA
Sydney, Australia
Perth, Australia,
Brisbane, Australia
Yarmouth, MA
Wyomissing, PA
Tulsa, OK
Orleans, MA
Dennis, MA
Harwich, MA
Martha's Vineyard
Truro, MA
Centerville, MA
London, England
Lake Forest, IL
Cheshire, CT
Toronto, Canada (again)
Vancouver, BC
Saskatoon, Canada
Indianapolis, IN
Montreal, QC
Ottawa, ON
Halifax, NS
Swampscott, MA
Saint John, NB
Siena, Italy
Sandwich, MA
New York, NY

I'll be spending MUCH LESS time in airport security in 2012, but I do have a few book events already on the calendar for this year.  Go to to see where I'll be in 2012!