Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creativity, Fear, and Flying

From my writing journal, 4/16/11

I'm in Cranston, RI, early for my very first anti-gravity yoga class (check out the video at the link to see what it looks like).  SO excited!  I love this feeling--trying something new, opening up to a new experience.  It reminds me of the year when I was writing STILL ALICE--acting, dancing, dating again after my divorce.  I hope this class opens up the parts of me having to do with creativity and fearlessness.  I need to call on both of these qualities to write LOVE ANTHONY.

I haven't really started writing yet.  I've done a TON of research on autism, much more than I did for Alzheimer's even and much more than for Left Neglect.  There's so much more written about autism--and oddly, really less is known about it.  I've talked to about a half dozen parents so far--raw, honest, incredibly moving conversations that still play in my head.  Lisa, you've done enough to get started.  Go to Nantucket next week, then begin.

Creativity and fearlessness.  I love this combination.  So powerful, so ALIVE.  The ingredients of powerful, alive writing.  I need to feed this as much as possible through things like this yoga class.  Maybe also an improv class in Boston?  That would awaken an old muscle, a part of my soul I've been ignoring.  What else?  A dance class would be great.  Make the time.

How else can I feed creativity and fearlessness?  Maybe rock wall climbing?  Maybe go to Italy in November for Ann Hood's writing retreat.  The energy of the writers, the scenery, the FOOD--talk about feeding creativity, feeding the soul!

And I will have two weeks in the Margo Gelb Dune Shack in September, which does scare me a bit, to be totally alone, especially at night (plus no electricity, no plumbing)--that should help with fearlessness, making me feel powerful, giving me the courage that I need to write this book.  And it will give me the quiet space and time to create.

Okay, it's time for class.  I'm scared but excited--ready to fly!

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